Discover Vézelay

World Heritage Site by UNESCO, masterpiece of  Romanesque architecture, our choice of take of site with  Vézelay is not a hasard. During nearly all your flight, the "Eternal Hill" remains in view, majestic, and as you look on, you can imagine the history that has taken place here over the ages. In the distance you can see the Château de Bazoches, where the famous military architecht Vauban lived, the Gallo-Romain of les Fontaines Salées is nearby, and the Cure, a wild river, dotted with beautiful villages and curiosities like la Roche Percée (the pierced rock) at Pierre Pertuis is well worth discovering.
Here are a few links to help you learn more about this region, and we hope you will spend some time discovering it, on the ground as well as in the skies by Hot Air Balloon of course!

La basilique Sainte Marie-Madeleine à Vézelay
The official site for the Vézelay tourist office, and the place to begin your discovery of this fascinating region.

La Basilique de Vézelay
The Official site for the Basilica of Vézelay

Le Château de Bazoches Château de Bazoches
Built in the twelfth century, halfway up a wooded hill, upon the site of an old Roman post on the gateway to Morvan, with a direct view on Vezelay (at 10 km), the feudal Château de Bazoches had successively belonged to the lords of Bazoches, Chastellux, Montmorillon and la Perrière, and was acquired by the Marshal de Vauban  in 1675. 

Les Fontaines Salées at Saint Père (sous Vézelay) vu de l'air. Saint Père
Not far from Vézelay, can be found the archeological site of Les Fontaines Salées.  The first dig in1934, revealed a sanctuary dating from the Gaulish era and a complex of thermal baths from the  gallo-romain era, built on a natural salt water spring which possesed theraputic qualities. There are also 19 hollowed out oak capture points, dating from the end of the neolithic period (2300 BC) still active, which demonstrate the use of these sources from ancient times.

La Maison du Visiteur à Vézelay La Maison du Visiteur
The Visitor Centre the guides welcome you and enables you to discover the skills of the craftsmen and the monk-builders. And so you will be able enter into the spirit of this timeless edifice, the stonework and its symbols.
It will then be time to visit or to rediscover one of humanity’s masterpieces